Greetings and Welcome

Hello and allow me to welcome you to my new Arkham Horror LCG blog. If you’ve stumbled across this site, hi! I hope you enjoy reading it.

I am Dai (DaiInAFire on the subreddit; Allonym on the defunct FFG forums), and I hope to publish my thoughts on the Arkham Horror LCG whenever the mood strikes me.

Possible topics may include decklists – I have a particular fondness for more unusual deckbuilds, with an eye to creative but effective designs – posts about specific cards (a post about the Eldritch Sophist should be arriving imminently), posts about lore and background (as the URL might give away, I’m quite fond of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight, and will be crossposting my old post about its history to this blog soon), posts about community contributions and events, thoughts on community-made content, and hot takes on newly released or previewed cards and scenarios.

Given my fondness for the Silver Twilight Lodge, I’ve chosen a vague theme of a slightly tongue-in-cheek Silver Twilight newsletter for this blog, but I’m likely to be prioritising ease of reading over staying in character!

I’m more than happy to provide help and advice with deckbuilding or gameplay queries, or to collaborate on any kind of content, so if you are wanting some help tweaking a deck or looking at some aspect of the game, please feel free to get in touch!

Stay safe out there in Arkham!

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